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A charming, empathetic, flexible and adaptable girl willing to help in any situation. She is sympathetic, fair, very human and very friendly. She has an excellent ability of abstraction, tends to look at things from a distance and is very inventive. She strives for independence and does not like restrictions and limits. She is careful, clever and persistent. A call with her does not lack the wit and lightness.  She is blessed with a large dose of optimism and radiates from a distance. She has a refined taste. Since she was a kid she likes flirt, attention and admiration. However, she has her style and diplomatic manner. She promotes their wishes with charm. She is charming, likeable and very charming, especially for her great nature, generosity and seductiveness. It is a perfect companion. She seeks harmony, love and festivity. She loves companionship, good food and drink and also peace, nature and stay in seclusion.

Contact Information
Phone: +436601124765 SMS only

Physical Info:
Height: 173 centimeters Weight: 59 kg
Age: 27 Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown Sexual Pref: Heterosexual
Home Country: Czech Republic

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