About me

In a world of so many brunettes, Milana is the blonde bombshell that cuts through the dark-haired fantasies like a hot knife carving butter. Even if she pulled a face, Milana would still be drop-dead gorgeous, and any human who appreciates beauty from head-to-toe, would swoon at the sight of this magnificent creature. Her legs are shaped to perfection and her delicate pixie features are sublimely lit up by her ethereal light blue eyes. 

Milana now in Mykonos   
Sat, Jul 13th 2019 - Sun, Jul 21st 2019

Contact Information
Phone: +306989634323 SMS & Calls

Physical Info:
Height: 170 centimeters Weight: 52 kg
Age: 24 Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green Sexual Pref: Bisexual
Home Country: Greece

Milana - one of the best escort girls in Greece

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