About me

A fascinating and charming, very soft and gentle young girl. Totally easygoing and friendly and loving positive things in life and harmony. She is full of deep emotion, human, very empathetic, and always comes up with good humor. She is an action girl, is able to assert herself and can get enthusiastic about good things very quickly. She has plenty of ideas and is very flexible. Easily she adapts to new ideas and sudden changes of plan. She loves good food, drink, cognition, sex and ensures the healthy lifestyle. She is popular for her sweet and easygoing nature, is a perfect companion capable of leading the interesting deeper discussions despite her young age. She can control her deep feelings, and can be unpleasantly seductive. She acts irresistibly seductive and sexually attractive. She is also very feminine and natural.

Contact Information
Phone: +436601124765 SMS only

Physical Info:
Height: 161 centimeters Weight: 54 kg
Age: 23 Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue Sexual Pref: Bisexual
Home Country: Czech Republic

Alexandra - one of the best escort girls in Czech Republic

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